Digital Cinema

In January 2008, Shree Venkatesh Films announced a partnership with industry leaders Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to exclusively bring their Qube Digital Cinema(TM) technology to Eastern India. This initiative introduced a Digital cinematic experience for audiences in West Bengal for the first time on a larger scale catering to Category B and category C towns as well.

Digital Cinema is a revolutionary change in the way movies are distributed, delivered, and projected in cinema halls with high quality, high definition, powerful and flexible Digital Cinema system. Digital prints can be distributed via physical media such as external Hard Drives and/or Satellite instead of conventional 35mm film reels.With the mission of digitizing all the theatres in Eastern India, V-Digital has successfully installed Digital projection of cinema onto the theatres. This has not only improved the quality of cinema projection but is also leased a new life to the almost dead, defunct and discarded cinema halls.

Today, V-Digital has achieved ‘digitization’ of over 300 cinema halls across West Bengal, making it one of the fastest rollouts of Digital Cinema anywhere in India.


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