Parambrata starts shooting for Apur Panchali

Posted on: Friday, 29th March 2013 | TOI
Parambrata starts shooting for Apur Panchali

Director Kaushik Ganguly has started shooting Apur Panchali with Parambrata as the protagonist

Winning a National Award for Sobdho hasn't changed director Kaushik Ganguly much. According to him, it's the appreciation of the audience that keeps him going. Now that celebrations are over, he has started shooting for Apur Panchali, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, starring Parambrata Chatterjee and Parno Mittra. "No doubt, I'm happy about the award. But I can't just bask in the glory and sit idle. I need to live up to the expectations of my viewers," said the director.

Talking about Apur Panchali, Kaushik said, "The film is inspired by the real-life story of Subir Banerjee, the child actor, who played Apu in Ray's Pather Panchali. Despite being one of the most celebrated child actors in the industry once, nobody cares to find out what he is doing now; no one remembers him. My film is a take on that. The USP of the film is the subject which has never been explored in Bengali cinema before. Interestingly, Subir's life has an uncanny resemblance to what Ray had depicted in The Apu Trilogy. And that's what inspired me to make this film. Albeit Pather Panchali was Subirda's first and last film, but if you study the man's life, you'd sit and ponder if Satyajit Ray had written The Apu Trilogy keeping Subirda in mind. Having said that, I'd like to make it clear that my film is a work of fiction, and not Subir Banerjee's biography."

Kaushik Ganguly was in Taki early this week to shoot Subir's in-laws' place with Parambrata (who is playing Subir) along with Shyamal Ghosh (who'll play Subir's father-in-law). "Bengali audience hasn't seen this intense side of Param so far. He is doing a brilliant job as Subir. Param's personality, body language and dialogue delivery have added so much to the character, taking it to a different level altogether. And what I like about Param is his level of concentration and his ability to slip into any character," smiled Kaushik.

Param too is excited about playing Subir's character. "We started shooting from the last scene of the film and I found that quite interesting. I loved Kaushik's concept as there are only few child actors who grow up to become stars. The only exception is Master Bittu, who is better known as Soham now. Master Tapu, who had been a child actor before, happens to be my friend from the university. But he has detached himself from the industry and is a film scholar now. Ray made Apu so famous that it has made it to the history of Indian cinema. Sadly, we have forgotten the child who made the character so real on screen. Kaushikda's film deals with that," said Parambrata.

So does he plan to meet Subir Banerjee, we ask Parambrata. "I would love to meet him but only after the shooting gets over, else it might affect my acting style. Kaushikda has told me that Subirda is a private person and doesn't like the hustle and bustle of film industry. I think we should respect that," smiled the actor.


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