There’s very good news for fans of Dev. The star performer of films like Challenge and Paglu will now be seen in an entirely new avatar. He has danced with gorgeous heroines to melodious tunes in picturesque foreign locations before also. But this time, he will not be shaking a leg to some cool song. He will rather be running for his life as not goons but deadly carnivores try to devour him. He will have to evade all kinds of perils, from venomous snakes to gigantic elephants which could crush him any time, to lions that would love to make a tasty dinner of him.

In case you are reduced to wondering why is Dev going to go through all this hell, and that too in the exotic jungles of far off South Africa, it is because Dev will be slipping into the shoes of Shankar, the famous gritty Bengali adventurer from Bengal, created by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhayay many years ago in his masterpiece and now widely regarded as a classic, Chander Pahar.

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